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  • Katie Jo Connor

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    Katie Jo Connor, LMLP

    Greetings from the heartland of Kansas! I’m Katie Jo Connor, a Licensed Masters Level Psychologist (LMLP). Together with my professional therapy dog (PTD), Wiffle, we’re on a mission to help you find your inner strength, conquer life’s challenges, and become who you want to be.

    I’ve always believed that therapy is like working together on a puzzle, and I’m here to help point out missing pieces or changes that will help you fill the gaps. You are the expert on your own life, I just help you put together the pieces. With experience specializing in ADHD, anxiety, depression, rural/agricultural populations, and trauma, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing countless individuals and families transform their lives through therapy.

    But let me tell you, therapy isn’t all serious faces and deep pondering. Life is an intricate blend of tears and laughter, and I’m a firm believer that humor can be one of our most potent healing tools. So, expect a sprinkle of humor along with empathy when you walk through my physical or virtual therapy door. In practice, I work primarily from a person-centered approach and blend that with cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal processing therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy concepts. I am working towards completing certifications in Trauma-Focused cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy and mindfulness. 

    I am under the supervision of Dr. Dave Provorse.