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  • Ciara Mould, T-LMLP

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    Ciara Mould, T-LMLP

    Accepting New Therapy Patients July 2024!!

    Ciara is a Master’s Level Clinician who strives to help clients process their emotional and psychological distress. One of her goals as a therapist is to create an environment that makes it easier to talk about difficult experiences. Ciara cultivates a therapeutic relationship by using a gentle but direct approach. She views treatment as a collaborative effort in which the client is supported and challenged in ways that foster personal growth.

    She offers therapy services to individuals (ages 13 and older) and psychological assessments for adults (ages 18 and older). She has experience working with people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, grief/loss, gender identity, and relationship problems. Ciara also has experience working with people from diverse backgrounds. She especially enjoys working with the LGBTQ+ community and individuals experiencing difficulties with sex-related concerns.

    Ciara is under the supervision of Dr. Susan Dutcher & Dr. Jenni Harshbarger. 

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